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Vivi Platinum Band Fall wigs are carefully designed to give you a really natural look. They are perfect for women who are suffering from hair loss or just want to add more volume. Band Falls are really easy to wear so you will not need too much time to look perfect.

A Band Fall doesn’t cover all your hair. That’s why is very important to get the color that matches perfectly with your own hair. In Vivi Platinum we design our Band Falls with high quality hair coming from Europe and Russia and we provide you different colors so you can find your perfect sheitel. You can choose your Band Fall from dark, brown, auburn or blonde hair and if you can’t find your color just contact us to customize your own Band Fall wig. We also mix different colors to create highlights in the Band Falls, but we never use processed hair in our wigs.

You can also choose from several styles as there are different Vivi Platinum Band Falls: curly, wavy or straight hair to make your look stunning, beautiful and sophisticated by adding length and volume to your own natural hair.

All Vivi Platinum Band Falls are handcrafted step by step paying attention to all detail. You will get a really comfortable fit and easy wearing sheitel.

Can’t find your kosher wig? There are many different hairstyles in our catalog of women wigs. Check out our Long, Medium or Short Wigs as well as Band Fall, Kippah Fall, Skin Wigs or you can always customize your own wig.


As a real and serious kosher wigs supplier, in Vivi Platinum we have worked on wigs business for nearly 40 years. Rabbi comes to check us every 1 or 2 months. All wigs have kosher certification and are made with best quality hair coming from Europe or Russia.

The quality of our wigs

In Vivi Platinum we are specialized in design quality wigs for women. We have a huge inventory of sheitel, kosher wigs used by jewish women. The manufacturing process of making jewish women wigs requires specific guidelines, approved by a Rabbi, which together with the experience and professionalism of Vivi Platinum make our wigs extraordinary. We just offer real human hair wigs of the highest type coming from Europe or Russia.

Different types of wigs

You can find many different hairstyles in our catalog of women wigs. Whether you are looking for a straight wig or a curly one we have different lengths available so you can get long, medium or short hair as long bob or short bob. Maybe you are looking for short wigs or perhaps you prefer a wavy wig. Doesn’t matter what types of wigs you are seeking, in Vivi Platinum all are quality wigs.

In case you need a Band fall or a Kippah fall, you will be able to find the one that matches perfectly with your own hair. If you need any help, you can always contact us so we can give you some advice or custom it for you.

Another chance to get a really natural and realistic looking hairstyle is to chose one of our skin wigs. They are handcrafted very carefully so the hairs are pulled one by one through a thin blend of high quality materials imitating the appearance of skin as if the hairs are coming out of your own head

We also have available other products as hair material and wig accessories.

Hair loss and beauty

Culturally, hair has always been associated with beauty and youth. We understand female hair loss can be scary and it also can devastate your self-esteem. If you are suffering from any disorder related to hair loss as thinning hair, alopecia Areata, Androgenic alopecia, women alopecia or you are under cancer treatment as chemotherapy, we have different medical wigs that will help you to be the powerful woman you already are.